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The comments data from UNICEF in Lao PDR.

I feel very excited to receive my COVID-19 vaccination and also a lot safer since my work involves a lot of travelling. I would like to encourage everyone to get your COVID-19 vaccination, not only to protect yourself but also to protect your family.

Mr. Sansoulixay Phoudavong

International Organisation Staff

After receiving my COVID-19 vaccination, I feel very happy and it feels as though my body has been freed from a burden. I want to tell those who have not yet been vaccinated to please come and get your shot of COVID-19 vaccine so that you can feel safer and protected against COVID-19.

Ms. Maliny

90 years old

I was very happy to receive the first shot of AstraZeneca vaccines for two reasons. Firstly, the vaccine has gone the WHO EUL process, which means its safe and effective. Secondly, I am one of the priority groups due to my health issues.

Dr. Mark Jacobs

WHO Lao PDR Representative

All Lao people are like one huge family to me and so I feel very proud to be able to provide them with vaccinations against COVID-19.

Ms. Somsouk Khounmany

Nurse at Mitthaphab Hospital

I feel happy that the Government of Lao PDR and health workers show great concern for the country's elderly and are ensuring that we are not left behind in COVID-19 vaccinations.

Ms. Nola Vongnakhon

76 years old

I am happy to have taken part in the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines to the Lao public as well as health workers who are vulnerable to the virus. I would like to encourage those belonging to at-risk groups to get vaccinated so that we can put an end to this pandemic.

Dr. Chanmany Sihaphom

Children's Hospital

The COVID-19 vaccine is incredibly effective and is saving lives all over the world. I am so happy that Lao people have access to this international-standard vaccine, and know that together we can end the COVID-19 global pandemic.

MR. Garrett Young

Country Director, Clinton Health Access Initiative Lao PDR

After I heard that the AstraZeneca vaccines are being administered to those above 60 years of age and those with underlying health conditions, I decided to get vaccinated because I myself am already retired and would like to be able to travel around safely.

Ms. Khampieu Phounsavath

60 years old

At first I was a bit anxious about getting vaccinated but after I got my shot of COVID-19 vaccine, there were no side-effects. I would like to encourage everyone to get vaccinated for your own health and future.

Ms. Mitsomphanh Laosadith

Research Department of Mitthaphab Hospital

I am happy and proud to get vaccinated. Although our country is small, we have received equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccines. For those who have not been vaccinated yet, there is no need to be afraid as the vaccines have gone through rigourous safety testing procedures. I did not feel anything or experienced any complications when I got vaccinated.

Ms. Nalin


I feel very happy to receive my COVID-19 vaccination and would like to thank the Government of Lao PDR for making these vaccines available to the public.

Mr. Thongpouth Sisaikaeo

70 years old

I feel very happy that I have received my vaccination (…) and I want to invite others who have not yet been vaccinated to come and receive their shot of COVID-19 vaccine.

Ms. Vantha Souphavong

Medical Student and Vaccination Team Volunteer

I feel glad to have received my COVID-19 vaccination. It also brings me joy to see that the Government of Lao PDR has worked hard to secure COVID-19 vaccines for the Lao people and civil servants throughout the country.

Mr. Konkian Phommaboutdee

65 years old

Because of COVID-19, I need to be more cautious in my daily life. I have not been able to see my son, who is studying abroad, ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also become more difficult to conduct field work and organise in-person meetings. Vaccines are the key to helping return a sense of normality back to the world. With the availability of the vaccines and with more people getting immunised, our country might be able to open up again soon.

Mr. Sombath Soutthivong

World Bank

COVID-19 did not personally affect my life much but it has forced me to be more cautious and made me more reluctant to travel. I decided to get vaccinated to receive protection from the virus. This is my first vaccine dose and I feel so happy that I will now be able to travel around without being constantly afraid.

Ms. Keooudone Vilayvong

Retired Doctor


New Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccines (Pfizer BioNTech vaccines) from the COVAX Facility Arrive in Lao PDR

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The Ministry of Health has received 800.000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine from China

COVID-19 vaccines (AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccines) 132,000 doses shipped by COVAX Facility arrive in Lao PDR

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Lao PDR started the vaccination of its medical workers

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